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Business Card

See what you will receive at the start


Domain for 1 year

Choose your domain name with any extension .co.uk, .com, .net, .pl and we will register it for you.

Hosting for 1 year

We provide free web hosting for one year of commissioning. We provide regular data backups.

30 days of technical support

We provide you with free technical advice during the first 30 days. If you have any questions or concerns, contact to us!

Business Card

Delivery time - up to 7 business days

£149 £249


See what you will get in this package

One Page Site

The business card package includes a One Page page website. It is a kind of a website without additional subpages, all the content it has to present is on one, longer page. This is a great option for a small business.

CMS for Content Management

Our websites are based on the most popular content management system (CMS) - WordPress. It provides great opportunities for creating and managing any type of content.

Code Optimization

We take care of source code and loading speed optimization. Client websites run fast and are free from unexpected errors.


All websites are adapted to computers and mobile devices, i.e. tablets and mobile phones. It is fundamental issue nowadays, and mobile devices have long been leading the way in the Google search engine.

SSL Certificate

The security of websites is a very important issue. Therefore, all our websites are provided with an SSL security certificate. The SSL certificate also positively influences the customer experience.

Free Graphics from the Stock

We prefer to use the multimedia provided by our clients, but if necessary, we provide basic photos and graphics from photo stock.

Technical Support for 30 Days

We provide free technical support for a specified period of time in the event of a failure or the need to restore a site backup. We will also answer your questions.

Domain and Hosting for one Year

The package includes registration of a domain name of any extension: .co.uk, .pl, .us, .com and one year hosting for free


At your request, we will create a mailbox assigned to the purchased domain address. We also help with the configuration process.

Contact Form

We will place a contact form on the website and integrate it with the mailbox in order to facilitate communication with a potential customer.

additional services

Name of servicePrice
Text 1000 characters in Polish£20
Text 1000 characters in English£30
One year domain name renewal£15
One year hosting extension£25
Additional subpage£20
SEO optimization£40
Choose the right keywords for your industry£40
Implementation of Google Analytics£30
Logo design£30
Graphic servicesIndividual pricing
Additional site language£30
Implementation of chat on the website£10
Setting up social profiles£20
Website maintenance (environment updates / additional backups / website status monitoring)£30/month
User account registration£30
Technical support£25/month
Adding content to the website / Additional implementations at the client's request£20/one hour
Setting up Google My Business profile£20
Competition analysis report (finding similar websites and authority valuation)£30
Management of social profilesIndividual pricing
Google Search Ads (keyword selection / writing ad text / campaign setup and budget management)£150 + £70/month

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